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Home Elevation Insp

These are just a few of the statements we hear quite often about floors, slabs and houses.


“The floor looks like it slopes.”


“Some areas feel like they are not level.”


“The corner of that room seems to dip more than it did last year.”


“It looks like it settled some.”

"My home is built on a hill, is it moving?"

With our digital measuring equipment, we can accurately document the floor variations in every room of the home or area of the slab. We can eliminate the guess work and provide you with an accurate, documented elevation plot of the floor or slab.


Even if you decide to live with the sloping floor for now, you still may wonder, “did this happen last year or 50 years ago? Is it still settling?” 


By having it surveyed, you can establish a baseline that you can compare to later on to see if changes have occurred. If any questions arise about future settling and stability, you can have another survey performed and compare the results.


The basic 5 point survey take measurements at the front door area then in the proximity of the four corners of the house. A more detailed survey can be performed on specific areas, rooms or the entire floor or slab and can be adapted to your needs. (Other locations can be substituted if needed for the 5 points)

Please contact us if you have questions or if you are interested in having this service perormed.

Our main service area is from Medford to Ashland, Eagle Point, Central Point, Jacksonville and most other areas in Southern Oregon but we are available to inspect anywhere in Oregon.

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