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Infrared Thermal Imaging



Infrared Thermography or Thermal Imaging can be a very effective tool for helping to diagnose many conditions such as missing, inadequate or damaged insulation, overheating equipment or electical componants, moisture intrusion and water leaks, cold air infiltration and heat loss to name a few.
It can also be used to help locate hidden conditions or items in walls and ceilings and is often helpful when considering a remodel to get an idea of structural members and such prior to demolition. 

It can often save a lot of time and labor locating roof leaks or other excessive moisture conditions by showing you the most likely area to check and verify with moisture meters or other methods.

In short, it helps get rid of much guess work by showing us things we could not otherwise see.

Be sure and take a look at our infrared photo samples to get a better idea of what it can see and please contact us if you think this service could be useful to you. 


Our main service area is in the Rogue Valley area of Southern Oregon from Medford to Ashland, Eagle Point, Central Point, Jacksonville and most other areas in Southern Oregon but we are available to inspect homes and commercial properties anywhere in Oregon.

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