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Low Cost Inspections

2.5 hours for $295. That's right, two and a half hours for two hundred and ninety-five dollars.

I always recommend getting our very thorough 6+ hour whole house inspection but if that's not what you want or need then you should consider our very popular low cost timed summary inspection. Not getting an inspection should never be a consideration.

During my typical 2.5 hrs on site, the emphasis will be on crawlspace, plumbing, foundation issues,
electrical, heating and cooling systems, water heater, roof, attic and siding issues.
I will inspect as many of these components as possible during the time allowed for the inspection and other areas or components may be observed and reported on if time allows.  I will primarily be reporting on the negative conditions I see in the areas inspected with little or no emphasis on describing the "nice" things that work the way they're supposed to or the little things such as latches, knobs or hinges that could benefit from improvement or the obvious things such as what type of windows, countertops and floor coverings you have or commenting on materials such as noting that the walls are covered with drywall. I will not be operating all windows and doors or cupboards and drawers unless time allows. I will report wood destroying pest and rotted wood conditions if viewed but there will not be a separate report. If a separate pest and dry rot report is needed there will be an additional $50 fee and I must know prior to the inspection so I can put more of an emphasis on those issues during my time on site.
If there are additional or specific areas or issues you would like inspected, you must inform me prior to the inspection, but keep in mind that this is a timed inspection and spending extra time on one area means that other areas will not be as thoroughly inspected or may not be inspected at all unless additional time is added to the inspection to make up for it. For older, larger or more complicated homes or if there are special concerns you would like to get extra attention or if you would just like more inspection or discussion time, additional time can be purchased in half hour increments as desired.

Because of the time limit, I obviously cannot look at things as thoroughly as I would during our 6+ hour whole house inspection so some things that would likely be discovered during a longer inspection may not be discovered during this timed inspection. The idea is to provide you with as much useful information about negative conditions as I can for the time spent on site. Due to the limited time allowed for this inspection, there are
things listed in the American Institute of Inspectors and the Oregon State Standards of Practice for Home Inspections that will not be described, inspected and reported on, such as some of those described above to name a few. This timed inspection is not a complete whole house inspection per those standards.

This inspection is available for the normal fee in areas that are no more than 35 miles from Medford, Oregon and can be performed in most other areas of Oregon for an additional fee.

Be sure this inspection will meet your needs and satisfy your lenders requirements if they have any, as additions to this report will require an additional fee and may require another visit to the property for further evaluation. 



Our main service area is from Medford to Ashland, Eagle Point, Central Point, Jacksonville and most other areas in Southern Oregon but we are available to inspect anywhere in Oregon.

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