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VISUAL HOME INSPECTIONS                           
Offering a higher level of inspection service and serving Southern Oregon since 2003
Houses May Settle But Homeowners Shouldn't Have To

711 Medford Center, #433                               Certified by A.I.I.® as a MASTER INSPECTOR since 2007
Medford, Oregon 97504                                   Commercial and Residential

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Here are a few written and video testimonials from past clients that have been taken from various website and internet sources.

    Hersh and Marie: Dan, We'd like to stop our busy world long enough to say THANK YOU as we both              greatly appreciate your time and expertise regarding our inspection. Also thanks for your patience                  dealing with all of us who were concerned about "getting a home inspection" at a fair price. We will                recommend your service to anyone who asks us, and we usually don't recommend anyone unless it's            very good... so, again thank you!!! 

      Catherine Razi, Administrator, The Siskiyou School: To Whom It May Concern: We hired Dan to inspect a property we were interested in. His name was given to us by every person we checked with when we called around to get recommendations. He proved as good and as professional as everyone said he would be. He was prompt in responding to phone calls, thoughtful in explaining the scope of the work, extremely efficient and also thorough in getting the job done. His detailed 30 page report was emailed to us literally 24 hours after he completed his daylong inspection. The report included photos and text descriptions of problems which needed addressing as well as a list of contractors who Dan knew would do a good job. Dan kindly took our follow-up calls with questions. Dan knows his business and is outstanding at it and you can’t beat the customer service! We recommend him wholeheartedly!

Scott F:
Dan at Visual Home Inspections came to me via a recommendation from a fellow professional surveyor and performed a home inspection prior to purchase; now it is my turn to recommend his services. Myself, a professional surveyor who prides themselves on thoroughness, documentation, accuracy, technical expertise, combined with exceptional communication of complex information truly appreciate and respect Dan's services. Was in the process of purchasing a rural home which Dan inspected for me. He was extremely thorough, possessed high tech equipment which revealed several issues with the home which would not have other wise come to light. He knew the building codes and construction practices of the past and present inside and out. All was documented extremely well with high quality photos paired with each reporting. In summary he spent 6 hours inspecting a 2000 square foot house for competitive rates. The result was a seller giving full credit for the necessary repairs as Dan's report was so thorough it could not be argued with. Truly respect Dan's services and expertise. Finding individuals in today's world who have pride in their work is rare. You will not be disappointed with Visual Home Inspections!

Steve: Dan inspected our house and did what he calls a "low level" inspection. That took about 4 hours and was $450. I was able to be with Dan during the entire time of the inspection. In fact, Dan encourage this since he feels this educates the consumer. Dan also took high resolution photos all throughout the inspection. The detailed report was received as a PDF file and was the best inspection report I had ever seen in the 4 homes I have bought. Prior to putting our house on the market we went through and corrected 95% of the items Dan found. We wanted to leave something for the buyer's inspector to find. I wish I had used Dan when we were buying this house.
Next, we used Dan again for the house we decided to purchase. This was his higher level inspection and I was with him from 9 AM to 6 PM without a lunch break. I could not ask for a more diligent human being acting as my advocate. Since the inspection I have called Dan, emailed him on at least 12 occasions and he has not only encouraged this but gave such sage advice that I can't say enough wonderful things about him.
I value in with the greatest esteem. Aside from this formality, he is really a great person. I cannot praise his skills beyond what I have written. He belongs to my list of people of special talent (PST).

Linda: As a buyer, I hired Dan to inspect two homes during my search. I am new to the state and Dan was most helpful answering all my questions and offering information beyond the scope of the inspection. He offers a varied price range, from timed inspections to "cafeteria" price increments to design your own inspection based on age and condition of the home. His rates are all very reasonable and you definitely get more than you expected. He sends extensive pre-inspection information so you know exactly what his work will and will not include and explains everything up front. Dan is a kind, honest person who is highly skilled in this profession and holds the highest work ethic a home buyer could hope for.
Holly: Dan inspected our house prior to putting it on the market so that we could be aware of deficits and fix them. Dan gave us education, a very thorough inspection, local referrals and encouraged us to call him back regarding any questions. This was money well spent. Excellent service, very knowledgeable and professional.

Scott: Dan did a great job inspecting the house I was looking at buying. He was very thorough and went over everything with me in the short amount of time he was there. I would recommend him to anybody looking at buying a house.

Peter: Dan at Visual Home Inspections provided prompt and very thorough inspection services for a recent home purchase, and was flexible in working wit other inspection/testing services. He was able to clearly advise what the inspection would require, cost and include, and provided a detailed and extensive report on a timely basis. All services, billing and reporting was available online, which was a plus. Would recommend without reservation.

Robert and Karen: Dan was a true pleasure to work with. He is thorough in his inspection and provided photographs which really helped us to decide whether or not this was an investment we wanted to make. He is prompt, professional and an amazing value to homebuyers or sellers. We would highly recommend his services to those who want the best!

       Jennifer: As a real estate attorney, I have used Dan Huckins at Visual Home Inspections often, and found his services to be so thorough, professional, and reasonably priced that I use exclusively him now for both my legal work and for my personal home inspections. He's Great!

Stacey: I would never hire any other home inspector! Dan is worth every penny because he is so thorough. I know that he will find any problem, which gives me confidence in knowing exactly what I am buying. I feel that I always get the information I need from him to be able to make important decisions. He has made himself available to answer all of my questions and his reports are full of detail with lots of great explanatory photos. Dan takes the time to not only investigate various aspects of a property but also to recommend ways to fix, maintain and even improve it.

K. Zarkar: Dan did an excellent job of inspecting our new home. He was extremely thorough and his report was excellent detailing his findings and recommendations. Dan went out of his way to help all parties involved with his insight. A pleasure to work with and we are very happy to have worked with Dan. We highly recommend Dan for anyone looking for an excellent home inspector.

Jeffrey: We picked Dan for his Experience in OLD Homes. We were purchasing a 1911 built home and after Dan inspected it, we felt we knew more about the home than the current owners. Dan is a wealth of knowledge and we learned so much from him. Dan is very courteous and kind and is willing to answer any questions we had. Dan is the best there is in home inspections.

Mike Neilitz - Allstate Insurance: Dan spent over 6 hours in a NEW HOME. It was well built, but he still found a few things that needed to be fixed, and would have cost us much more than the price of his inspection. Not to mention all the future headaches he saved us. Before you purchase a house - ANY house - you MUST talk to Dan. Thank you Dan!!

Sherry: Dan did a perfect job. And when the renter living in the house now would not let him in to finish the job, he kindly made arrangements to come back the next day. That was so appreciated. Thanks for the great job Dan. I feel very comfortable moving in now.

Picky: If you want the best Normally a home inspection lasts 2-3 hours. When Dan Huckins does it, it takes 6-7 hours. If you're going to sell, this is the man to have in so you don't get nasty surprises before closing. If you're buying, get this man and you'll know if you're into a lemon dressed up as a silk purse. He's just the best.

Katherine: Passion for Detail. I just bought the 1940s house that Dan inspected for me five long months ago. It was short sale and that's how long it's taken from the inspection to offer through to closing. Dan has been no less than wonderful through the whole process, starting with rearranging his schedule to fit me in, producing an extremely thorough inspection report with every negative find captured in photos (and sending me extra photos of the house to show to friends), to continuing to answer questions that have come up for me over these months. The two things about Dan that have impressed me the most are his thoroughness and his willingness to take time for me. He's excellent and I just wouldn't even consider another inspector. With Dan you get more than what you pay for -  and that's very rare these days.

Fred: More than I even dreamt of finding out. Had Dan out earlier this week to inspect a house I inherited - not planning to sell, just wanted to know what kind of problems had dropped into our life. Dan spent an enthusiastic 12 hours talking us through everything from how wells work to the difference between two types of double-paned windows that are already in place and why we have wonderful ceiling insulation. He emailed the full report 24 hours later, including 350 photos that detailed the good and the bad from vapor barrier lining the crawlspace to trees hanging over the roof. Not the cheapest house inspector out there, but a bargain for the time, information
and personal attention we got. I'd hire him again in an instant.

Maxine: The extra mile for his clients. I was the other half of Fred's previous review, and was impressed at every step we took asking Dan questions, for 12 non- stop hours. We now know what to look for as we inspect the house more thoroughly and sort out what repairs we can do ourselves and what trade people we'll need. Dan knew the answers, responded with passion and enthusiasm for his work and information and discussed what might be done to correct problems, so clearly that we can walk into big box home fixer-upper stores and weigh the alternatives we're confronted with. After the first hour on Inspection Day, Fred and I turned quietly to each other and said quietly 'Money's worth.' Dan followed through with a timely, detailed report, clear photos, and even more information. He is the standard-setter for us in home handling!




Our main service area is from Medford to Ashland, Eagle Point, Central Point, Jacksonville and most other areas in Southern Oregon but we are available to inspect anywhere in Oregon.

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